St. Elizabeth the New Martyr Orthodox Church
545 W Indiana Ave, Chesterton, IN
Diocese of the Midwest, Orthodox Church in America

We are glad you found our website and welcome you to browse and see what St Elizabeth is all about!  Our parish family is made up of faithful from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Some converts from other religious faiths, some from other countries and others who have been Orthodox since baptism. We all share a love of our savior, Jesus Christ, and enjoy showing the hospitality of our dear Patron, Saint Elizabeth to all who come through our doors.

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Normal service times:

Great Vespers - Saturday 4:00 PM

Hours - Sunday 9:10 AM

Divine Liturgy - Sunday 9:30 AM

All services are in English

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Welcome to the Orthodox Church

"We would see Jesus." (Jn 12,21) certain Greeks said to the apostle Philip.  And it is alwasy just this prayer which I address to the Holy Spirit,  O Lord Holy Spirit, make me see Jesus!

The pure of heart will see God (Mt 5,8).  The sermon on the Mount makes it quite plain.  And JEsus can be seen only by the pure of heart, who can move directly to the very heart of the Gospel.  For them, it is very simple.  But it is difficult for those who gaze is troubled by the passions or by the unbridled quest for purely human knowledge.  They must re-learn purity of heart in order to regain the direct, immediate gaze of Jesus.

I learn to look at Jesus in so far as I learn to be looked at by Him, that is to submit myself to His gaze.  Before speaking to Simon Peter (Mt 4,18) at the time of his first call, Jesus looks at him, ad the Greek word implies that He look at him with insistene.  The same insistent gaze was again cast upon Simon Peter, (Mt 17,1) when Jesus was coming out of Caiphas' house and Peter denied Him.



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